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by Andrea Kane

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Where is your Doppelgänger?

The idea of a doppelgänger, or identical look-alike, is something I’ve read about, heard about, and thought about—so much so that it sparked the idea for A FACE TO DIE FOR. What could be more fascinating than the existence of another human being who is your “identical stranger” living somewhere else in the world right […]

Butterflies in My Stomach on Release Day

It’s May 17th and that means that THE MURDER THAT NEVER WAS is officially on sale! With that comes excitement, anticipation, joy… and more butterflies in my stomach than you can count. You’d think I’d be over that extreme reaction. After 27 published novels, you’d think that the release of a new book would bring […]

Why I Can’t Write a First Draft

I’m often asked how long it takes me to write a first draft. The answer? I’ve never written one. Let’s start with the basics. Every author’s writing process is different. Some write detailed outlines. Others let their muse carry them in the direction that feels right. Many set a daily word count for themselves, not […]

About The Book

Lady Daphne Wyndham is the only child of the brutal Marquis of Tragmore. Risking a beating each time she sneaks away to help the local vicar, Daphne fantasizes about the legendary Tin Cup Bandit, who robs the rich to aid the poor. His scandalous exploits inflame her rebellious spirit and fire her romantic imagination. And when he appears in her bedroom, she suspects all her wild dreams may come true...

Pierce Thornton grew up in a British workhouse, and now thirsts for vengeance against the nobility-and the Marquis of Tragmore. As he plots to ruin Tragmore, a twist of fate opens an unexpected door, allowing him to fulfill his life-long crusade: bringing the fashionable world to its knees. But in the process he encounters a far greater peril...losing his heart to Daphne Wyndham.

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"Do you know how badly I want to kiss you, Daphne?"

Her eyes grew wide with an intoxicating combination of fascination and uncertainty. "I-I-I... don't..."

"Very badly. So badly it's unendurable." Pierce brushed Daphne's lips lightly with his. "I need to taste you. Will you let me?"

"You're asking me?" Her breath was tantalizingly warm against his lips, but Pierce could feel her tremble as she balanced on this new yet exhilarating threshold.

"Yes, I'm asking you. I'd never take what you didn't willingly offer."

Wonder and something painfully akin to relief flashed in her eyes, softening Pierce's hunger into something achingly tender as it melded with a wave of blind protectiveness. He wanted to enfold her in his arms, shield her from anything-- or anyone-- who tried to harm her.

"Kiss me, Daphne," he whispered. "Let me show you how safe you can be

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